Thursday, April 19, 2012

Moving on and start again.

I don't think i can miss this moment and not putting it in my blog. Well, recently i got news that "The Lonely Goddess" is selected as one of the best animated films in "SayFestVille Short Film Competition". Yippie! :D

Here is the link for more info:

It's almost two years now. It's time to move on.. shall we?

"Adieu, chère Déesse de la lune. Merci pour tout."

Let's make a new one!
*Fingercrossed.. i'll put some of the progress in here.. :)
Ps: i think i need to work on my animation.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Water Baby Workouts

Yep, if there is an award for the laziest person to update their blog, i think i'll be landed in first place. You have the promise pam! and you broke it! yeah.. okay.. from now on i'll make another promise!! i'll update my blog "at least" every month! yes! *fingercrossed* Pray for me God, ;p

so, here are a few new illustrations i did for "Ayahbunda" magazine.. thanks to my friend, Monic, I can do some freelancing there. it's quite a nice trip away from 3D. Nice trip indeed! hehe

This one is for the "Water Baby Workout" article . . go down the pool ladies! Shake that baby belly!