Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another illustration for the music book..

Hey, this are another illustration for the "Menyanyi Yuuuk!" books.. volume 1 and 2.. 
You can see i put my label name on it.. Still learning to be a proffesional illustrator, somehow the other illustrator put their label on their work.. so, here i am putting it in mine.. :)

My Books

well, it's actually quite sometime since the books were published.. but, i think i want to put it anyway in my blog! hehehehe.. :) and, actually it's not really MY books, i'm just doing the illustration for every musical song in it.. :P

sorry, for the super messy english.. although the books aren't perfect, and i don't know why they didn't put my name in it!! grrrr... but still.. it's my first published illustration books.. X)