Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Concept Art "The Lonely Goddess"

Helloww.. this is my concept art for my final task at my university.. Short animation called "The Lonely Goddess".. It's a sad story about Moon Goddess who loves the God of Sun.. They will never be together.. :(
I hate to admit that it was a romance story.. but, i like the epic drama and love the ending.. :)

This is the Character sheets.. because i'll making it all by my self, i just need two characters.. The God of Sun and The Moon Goddess.. You can see the style was Javanese mixed with Balinese..

And the Environment and scene design.. it was mixed between what happened in the sky, and in the earth.. mixed between fantasy and real world..
And of course the 3D! still in progress though..
argghhh, i hope it will be finished in time.. and again, sorry for my bad english... hehehe.. have a nice day!! :)